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What is MMFB ?

MMFB is a facebook video downloader tool, that allow users to download video of facebook that are uploaded as public. MMFB offers an easy way to download facebook video. Please note that MMFB Tool is not able to download video with private permisson.

How to get Facebook video Link ?

If you are using desktop device, find 3 dotted (circle on hover) at the right corner of uploader's profile . You will find "Copy Link" option in the dropdown list, if you cannot find it probably you are doing it over a sharer of that video, not the uploader. Click on "Copy Link" and paste here.

If you are using Mobile App, you have to tap "Share" button . You may find "Copy" option, if not yet tap on "More Options.." , you will find "Copy" there. Tap on copy and paste here.

Steps to get Download Link ?

After getting video link from facebook, you need to put the url at input box and press enter or click on blue search button. MMFB will find download information of corresponding video. After a short period, you can see detailed information of facebook video including download links.

Downloadable Types ?

MMFB supports to download - Video MP4, Audio MP4. MMFB supports multiple resolutions - 140p to 1080p and original source.

How to download ?

Click(Tap) on links of Download table, it will lead to download page . You need to click "Download" button again on there and it will start downloading to your device.


About this Website

MMFB is founded by Myanmar. MMFB is a web tool to download facebook's public video as they are available to everyone. A video can be downloaded within a couple of clicks. We provided full documents on above section that how to copy facebook video link and how to get started for downloading from that link. But, sometimes you cannot download some videos because of their privacy settings on that video. Full Terms of Service

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This website does not record or save any of your private data including public network info. We also do not track or measure clicks and usages along through our website. Full Privacy PolicyFull Cookie Policy

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